Who We Are

We are a small but fun and faith-filled church. We hail from The Firehouse Church in Denver, Colorado and Vintage Faith Church - Manhattan in Manhattan, Kansas. Check out our sending churches by clicking on the photos above.

We are passionate about our relationship with God and His Word. We teach life transforming truth from the Bible in ways that are relevant and helpful for living in the here and now. We believe the Bible is inspired by God and is useful for teaching us how to live and how to get the most out of this life here on earth and how to prepare ourselves for eternity spent with God.

We are also passionate about prayer. Jesus said "My house will be called a house of prayer" and so that is what do here at Vintage Faith Church... we pray. We believe prayer is essential for living for God and accomplishing our mission in this world.

Our Heritage

Forty years ago a man read in John 14:12 in the Bible that anyone who has faith in Jesus will do even greater things than Jesus did. That man spent hours thinking about those words and asking himself the question - "Do I really believe this?"

He decided he did and that man rallied a passionate group of young people who did the same and embarked on a journey that would change tens of thousands of lives forever. That group of people traveled all over the United States preaching about Jesus wherever they went and they left a trail of new communities in their wake.

Those communities grew and started churches, until a network of over 150 churches in more than 15 countries was developed. Visit the History of Great Commission Churches by  to read more about the history and stories of the Great Commission Churches.

Vintage Faith Church is part of a larger association of churches known as the Great Commission Churches (GCC). GCC is a U.S. based fellowship of autonomous churches designed to equip, unite and provide accountability to churches and ministries that have a desire to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. The heart of GCC is that churches will model "New Testament Christianity in Action Today." GCC promotes conferences, mission opportunities, offers accountability and mediation services for member churches.

Great Commission Churches is a member of the National Association of Evangelicals and the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

Great Commission Churches partners with organizations overseas: Great Commission Europe and Great Commission Latin America.

Within GCC, Vintage Faith Church is active with Great Commission Plains (GCP), a regional subdivision of GCC which works together for church planting, leadership training, and church coaching. GCP includes churches in 12 cities from Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma.