The Fame Misconception

The Search for Fame

As I grew up, I had a desire to become well-known, popular, and famous where everyone yearned to be my friend. My parents had me try out different sports and clubs to see what I enjoyed doing as well as a place where I could find friends with the same interests. Nothing really fit for me.

Finally, when I was in 8thgrade, I found a love to play music, specifically the drums. I was so excited because I believed that this would be the means to find my fame. All the while, I had been attending church every Sunday with my family. I never enjoyed church, because it felt more like an obligation. Either because my parents made me go or it was just the “right” thing to do on Sunday morning. Regardless of my thoughts on church at the time, our church band needed a drummer, and I knew this would be the start to playing the drums with a band, so I eagerly took the opportunity.

In high school, I formed a band with my friends. By my senior year, we had finally found our band members who created a good sound that couldeasily helped us sell albums, gain fans, and obtain shows at bigger venues. I felt on top of the world. I believed that if we continued down this road, we would be signed to a record label and be one step closer to fame.

A couple days after Christmas, my senior year, I went to a conference that my church puts on each year called, “Faithwalkers.” During a meal, I met a man who was part of a new church in Denver, CO which my sister had told me about a couple of times before. That very next weekend, I started attending that church.

There, I noticed young men and women living their lives for Jesus 24/7. I thought that happened only in the older generations, so it shocked and intrigued me! I quickly found these Christians were always happy and had a genuine hope. They lived as though they did not need to be “good enough.” They lived as though they were already “accepted”! I knew now I was wrong all along. What they had is what I truly wanted!

The World Left Me Empty

This helped me realize how “cut throat” this world can be for those it chooses to be rich and famous. It would accept you if you were “cool” enough by how you dressed, how you partied, by your personality, social status and how fit your body was. When I believed I fell short in many or all of these areas, I just tried outweighing it with my drum skill. Regardless, I was pretty tired of trying to please everyone and “fit” in. It only left me empty.

Soon, I could wait no more. While in my room one day, I accepted Jesus as the Son of God, Savior of the world, and the only way to heaven. I finally felt something that came in abundance where I did not need to continue to find more of it: peace, love and joy! Since we are unable to please everyone, the constant pursuit to please others with music for fame seemed to only drain me. However, I found that God already loved me!

God Accepted Me

2 Corinthians 5:17  - This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

After being around these Christians for a while, I started noticing the time spent with my band was no longer fulfilling or encouraging. I went back and forth many times because a part of me still desired the praise that came from playing good music.

I knew it was an obstacle in my life and that I wanted to be set apart for Jesus, so I quit my band and trusted that if God chose to go through so much to give me a fulfilled life by dying on the cross, He would take care of me in all areas of life as well.

You are loved by God too! 

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